We all know what it’s like to spend the whole day in the office. So who would want to spend all that time in an unflattering environment? Your office should be as fun, cool, and attractive as your business. That’s why the Arcade Building is always keeping up with the hip new trends while still remaining historically relevant.

Exposed Brick Walls

Arcade Building Suite 109 BrickNothing is hotter right now than the Bohemian, hipster movement. The casual look of genuine brickwork brings a relatable air to an office, while still keeping the feeling of professionalism and grace. The Arcade Building has recently removed the old plaster from the back walls, exposing that beautiful brickwork, as part of our renovation process. The polished cement floors keep each suite feeling clean and fresh, and still make you feel like a part of the big city.

Being historically sound does not mean a building has to be dingy or old. The owners of the Arcade Building know what it means to keep authenticity of history while staying relevant, hip, and trendy. Just because the Arcade is a historical building does not mean is has to stay living in the past! Your business shouldn’t either!

The brickwork and polished cement floors at the Arcade give a continuity to the building, tying it in to the larger city around it. However, each suite still allows for plenty of personalization. Your office is your space! It should reflect the look that matches you and your business. If your business is hip, trendy, and with the times, then we know how you feel. Let’s keep looking toward the future by moving forward together.

For more information on the Arcade Building and our renovation process, feel free to contact us at by phone 323.289.2032 or by email at Rentals@TheArcadeBuilding.com.


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