The Arcade Building has a new tenant! You’re going to love our new tenant! How could you not with a name like, With Love Bakery. That’s right there’s a bakery in the Arcade Building. Grand Opening is this Friday, January 29th.

Warner Grand Theatre turns 85!

And not too long ago the Arcade Building celebrated its 85th Anniversary. In 2009 to be exact. This special event made the front page of San Pedro Today. It’s hard to believe that was 7 years ago and this year the beautifully restored Arcade building will be 92 years young!

History of the Arcade Building The prestigious and architecturally inspired ARCADE BUILDING is centrally located in the heart of old downtown San Pedro at 479 West 6th Street, adjacent to World Port LA / Los Angeles Harbor. Upon its complete renovation in 1986, THE ARCADE BUILDING was awarded the Los Angeles Conservancy’s top Award for…

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